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Ringing in Y2K

The year 2000 rolled in with a wild 24 hours in world news. We anticipated a Y2K problem with computers malfunctioning because they couldn't handle years starting with 2. What we got was something else entirely, situations that are still unfolding. I saw it start from a vantage point at the Voice of America.

Finding a Way Through the Fog

People who have dementia say it’s like a sudden fog descending, when suddenly your brain won’t work the way you need it to. One extraordinary British woman has found a way to live with dementia. Wendy Mitchell shows us that someone with dementia can find a way through the fog.

Mixed Memories

Is school diversity good for white kids? My white children learned some valuable lessons in public schools with widely diverse students. Their memories are mixed--some treasured, some painful. What they learned is helping them enjoy and prosper in today's United States. Part 2 of a series.

Is School Diversity Good for White Kids?

Parents protect their children, always wary in the face of actual danger and possible harm. A major barrier to greater school diversity, to real integration of public schools, has been the fear of white parents that such diversity would harm the education of their children. Does it? Or is it good for them? I consulted a couple of experts: my kids.

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